Tautan Jurnal Internasional Terindex DOAJ

Dimohon artikel yang disubmitkan penulisannya mengacu pada template artikel dari jurnal yang akan dituju dibawah ini :

Asian/pasific island nursing journal

Digital Scholarship@UNLV is the institutional repository of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It holds scholarship from UNLV faculty, staff and students. Digital Scholarship@UNLV provides a wider audience to the scholarly output of UNLV as well as assures its long-term preservation.

Southern African Journal of Critical Care

The SAJCC is an academic medical journal publishing original research, reviews and editorials in the fields of Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Nursing. The Journal is published bi-annually and accredited by the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DoHET).

Nurse Media Journal of Nursing

he Nurse Media Journal of Nursing (E-ISSN: 2406-8799, P-ISSN: 2087-7811) is an open access international journal (e-journal) which publishes the scientific works for nurse practitioners and researchers. The focus and scopes of the journal include adult nursing, emergency nursing, gerontological nursing, community nursing, mental health nursing, pediatric nursing, maternity nursing, nursing leadership and management, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in nursing and education in nursing.

Jurnal Gizi dan Pangan

Jurnal Gizi dan Pangan (Journal of Nutrition and Food) is the official publication of The Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia in collaboration with the Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA), Bogor Agricultural University. This journal focuses its’ main research in the fields of nutrition and food. Scientific peer-reviewed articles are published routine, three times per year on March, July and November. According to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Decree Number 12/M/Kp/II/2015, the Journal of Nutrition and Food is ACCREDITED since February 11th 2015. Rp : 1.000.000


Jurnal Ners provides a forum for original research and scholarships relevant to nursing and other health-related professions. Jurnal Ners is a scientific peer-reviewed nursing journal which is published semi-annually (April and October) by the Faculty of Nursing Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia, in collaboration with the Indonesian National Nurses Association, East Java Province.

Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences

The Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences is a bi-monthly peer reviewed publication. Authors are invited to submit articles for publication, reporting original work in clinical and basic medical sciences covering topics from Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Applied Medical Sciences. Review and Editorial articles are by invitation only. However, those received and found to be of an outstanding nature will be considered for publication. Other regular features within the journal include, Case Reports, Letters to the Editor, and Updates which detail symposia, conferences and workshops located primarily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

el – Hayah

Jurnal el-Hayah (journal of biology) is an open access journal published by Department of Biology, State Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia. it publishes peer-reviewed research and review articles of special importance and broad interest in any area of biology, as well as covers the special topic on the relationship between science and religion. This jounal is published twice (March and September) every year and it was indexed by several several reputable indexing services such as: google scholar, Crossreef (DOI), Directory of Open Access Jounals (DOAJ), Morareef, IPI Portal Garuda, Indonesian scintific journal database (ISDJ) etc. Starting from the next edition (March, 2016), all papers published in Jurnal el-Hayah must be written in English. Authors are encouraged to submit the unpublished and original works to this journals.